We all have #teacherproblems in the English classroom.

Life isn't easy for English teachers today.  We are constantly frustrated by any number of the following issues:

  • Mandated (boring) curriculum
  • Non existent curriculum
  • Not enough energy to be creative
  • Not enough time to be creative
  • Lack of diversity in texts and lesson ideas
  • Sunday night panic - what am I teaching tomorrow?!

Teach Box is your #teacherproblems solution.

What's in a Teach Box?

The curriculum writers and teachers at Teach Box believe in inquiry-based learning.  This means that student learning is driven by questions:  we ask them and students explore a variety of sources to discover an answer for themselves.

Each month, your Teach Box will be centered around an EQ (Essential Question).  Think of if as a mini-unit or curriculum supplement that asks students to think deeply about a meaningful question, not just regurgitate literary device definitions  or answer plot-based text questions.  We've already delivered Boxes asking:

How is social media changing relationships?

How does one maintain his or her cultural identity?

When is it time to take a stand against the status quo?

By using Essential Questions, teachers can not only address their mandated texts, but they can also easily deepen writing and discussion with Teach Box materials that ask kids to think on a more global scale and investigate the ways nonfiction current events and literature can work together to answer these kinds of questions.

On the 1st of the month, look forward to a Teach Box containing the following:


Your box begins with a set of vocabulary words connected to the EQ and a fresh, new vocabulary activity template.  BONUS:  all words are also given to you ready-to-print for your word wall!



The next item in your box will be a literacy lesson:  a poem, short story, nonfiction, or fiction piece is designed to help students dig in to the EQ as a supplement to any curriculum you already have to teach.



Finally, your Box will provide a new assessment tool to try.  Assessment tools have included:  debates, video projects, argumentative essays, socratic seminars, and more!  The assessment will address the EQ and any texts you've studied during the unit.



Here at Teach Box, we strive to bring creative, rigorous, and fresh curriculum to secondary English teachers.  Whether you're sick of the same ole' same ole' things you've been doing or just looking to liven things up, we hope that introducing Essential Questions into your classroom revolutionizes the energy of your discussions and text experiences with your students.