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Meet the Amandas:  A True Teaching Soulmate Journey

Amanda Cardenas and Amanda Werner are two passionate curriculum writers and English teachers from opposite sides of the United States.  Amanda Cardenas was hard at work teaching high school English, building her business (Mud and Ink Teaching) and running around the Midwest camping and off roading with her husband while Amanda Werner was also hard at work teaching middle school, building her business (Amanda Write Now) killing it with mini-lessons and Writing Workshop while raising a beautiful little girl and living it up in the Bay Area.  

Amanda and Amanda met in April 2016 as fans of each others work on Periscope.   Amanda Cardenas was Periscope-ing about poetry and Amanda Werner was Periscope-ing about writing workshop.  As fate would have it, the two found their way into each other's scopes and a lifelong friendship began.

When Amanda and Amanda were able to meet up the first time, it was July 2016 in Orlando at the Teachers Pay Teachers conference.  This conference and this time together launched the two Amandas past just a friendship into a business partnership.   

And now, they have finally joined forces to bring English Language Arts teachers across the globe the best of their passion and talent:  TEACH BOX!  Amanda C writes curriculum for the 9-12th grade boxes and Amanda W writes curriculum for the 5-8th grade boxes.  This is their passion project and are thrilled that you are here to participate in this dream come true.

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