How It Works

When you subscribe to Teach Box, you are not only getting the best, most high quality resources for your classroom, but you are joining a community of committed teachers.

With your Teach Box subscription, you will be receiving a monthly digital "box" of goodies for your secondary ELA classroom.

Each "box" is themed around a different Essential Question each month.  These questions make the boxes versatile:  no matter what novel or unit you're teaching, there's sure to be an Essential Question that directly applies to an upcoming unit in your classroom!  And if you're stuck and have no idea what to teach next month, the question will get your unit rolling!

Under the umbrella of the Essential Question, the Box contains a vocabulary section, a literacy lesson, an assessment, and a library of nonfiction articles and videos to mix and match as you please within the unit!

Start your Teach Box journey today!

We're so excited to welcome you into the Teach Box family!  Let's do this thing!  Be sure use the coupon code FIRSTMONTHFREE!